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Carriage Views

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A. Left-Hand Thumb-Wheel. K. Upper and Lower Front Feed-Rolls.
B. Right-Hand Thumb-Wheel. L. Paper-Fingers.
C. Left-Hand Release-Key. M. Paper-Shield.
D. Right-Hand Marginal-Stop. N. Carriage-Keeper.
E. Detent-Lever. O. Carriage-Travelers.
F. Feed-Roll Release-Lever. P. Rackbar.
G. Single-, Double- and Triple-Space Thumbpiece. R. Scalebar.
H. Ratchet-Wheel. S. Feed-Roll Pressure-Lever.
J. Ratchet-Wheel Pawl. T. Right-Hand Release-Key. (See C.)
    V. Tabulator-Stops.


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