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My HERMES 3000 # 30308##


a paillard product

Features of the H E R M E S 3000:
  1. Base plate fixed to the machine.
  2. Full 44-key office keyboard with finger-fitting key tops, including a wide selection of special symbols.
  3. Smooth, quiet operating basket shift.
  4. Front puch button panal for all service keys.
  5. Automatic tabulator with carriage speed control.
  6. Single key tab set (+ button), individual tab clearing (– button), total tab clearing (– – – button)
  7. Margin release also serves to release jammed typebars …another HERMES exclusive.
  8. Front cover plate removable; type cleaning and ribbon changing greatly eased.
  9. 3-position ribbon economizer plus stencil cutting selector.
  10. Automatic or manual ribbon reverse.
  11. Front panal touch regulator.
  12. Double-arm retractable paper support.
  13. Exclusive HERMES “Flying Margins”.
  14. Push button carriage release.
  15. Extra long line space lever with 1, 1½ and 2 line positions.
  16. Line space regulator and position for line-finder variable platen movement.
  17. Paper table for erasing or writing notes by hand.
  18. Transparent card holders.
  19. Provision for rapid drawing of vertical pencil lines.
  20. Window to warn of approaching end of page.
Hermes 3000

N.B. Serial number partially hidden for my protection for the time being.

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