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'Typewriter plant' to be converted into lofts

- Don Peasley, Contributer. January 1, 2006 [Northwest Herald]
David Plote and his partner, Kurt Kresmery, are poised to begin construction of two model condominiums in the building on North Seminary Street, most frequently referred to as "the Woodstock Typewriter plant."

Tapping into a gilded history

- Darren Wershler-Henry. January 1, 2006 [Toronto Star] — SPECIAL TO THE STAR
EXCERPT | Why typewriters are nostalgic icons — Why do people persist with all of this scavenging for pieces of the typewriter? The answer, in a word, is nostalgia.

Selling off parts of its collection...

- Alex W. Barker. Last Updated: Dec. 31, 2005 [Milwaukee Journal Sentinal]
...is no way to save the museum — Much attention has been focused in recent days on sale of collections to help the financial crisis at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

Gewog clerks not comfortable with office equipment

- Tashi Dorji in Phuentsholing. December 29, 2005 [Kuensel Online, Bhutan]
Gup's clerk around the country are still not comfortable using the Dzongkha typewriters and cyclostyle machines which were distributed in January this year.

Typewriters, Mimeographs Still Used in Monrovia

- Alex Gbartea & Jacob Roland. December 28, 2005 [Daily Observer, Liberia]
Since the invention of computers and other digital printing machines, the use of type writers has become obsolete in the western world and even in other African countries that are advancing in science and technology. But for Liberia, the case is different.

Suspicious case reveals a typewriter

- Dec. 09, 2005 [The Olympian Online]
Washington State Patrol trooper and bomb squad technician Mark Soper (Right) opens a suspicious briefcase to reveal a typewriter before giving an all-clear signal Thursday afternoon at Sylvester Park in downtown Olympia.

Honoring a Typewriter

- Brad Durrell, Perspective. September 22, 2004 [The Valley Gazette]
The author reflects on getting rid of his last typewriter and the flurry of trivia and technical information about typewriters that was in the news due to the forged Pres. George W. Bush National Guard Documents. This ia a tribute to typewriters and not a political article.

Click, click, ding: Typewriters not such a relic after all

- Gretchen Lost, Staff Writer. July 15, 2004 [Daily Press]
A human interst story about Dick and Sharron Hoover's Hesperia Typewriter Shop in Hesperia, California. They currently service 30 to 40 machines a month.

Why Computers Are Screwed Up

- Andy Rooney, CBS News Correspondent. November 16, 2003 [CBSNews.com]
A commentary on Bill Gates, computers, and why Underwood is out of business. He also address the modern myth around his famous Underwood No. 5.

A Grand 70, Machine that Keyed in History

- Madhumita Bhattacharyya. November 8, 2003 [The Telegraph - Calcutta]
Very interesting article about famed Indian Judge Pannalal Bose's Remington Rand portable typewriter as The Telegraph marks the 70th Anniversary of Judge Bose using it to write the 531 judgment in a famous case involving one of Bengal's most wealthy zamindars.

Clack of Typewriter Still Stirring Minds

- Al Neuharth, USA TODAY Founder. June 19, 2003 [USA TODAY]
Al Nueharth, a fellow South Dakotan, writes a short opinion piece observating the anniversary of Chistopher Latham Sholes's first writing machine patent on the 23th of June 1868.

Remember Typewriters? A Professor's Web Site...

- Brock Read. May 31, 2002 [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
... Documents an Obsolete Information Technology — An article about Richard Polt, the man who made the Classic Typewriter Page, and his thoughts regarding the typewriter and his site.

Antiques Road Show: Road Warrior

- Jeffrey L. Seglin. June 1, 1999 [Inc: The Magazine for Growing Companies]
Reflections on going wireless in 1999 using a Corona 3

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Typewriters Hold Key to Collectors' Hearts

- Gaston F. Ceron (Columbia News Service). June 12, 2003 [Star Telegram.com]
( This article require free Star Telegram.com membership. )
A light, personal interest story on several Typewriters collectors: Anthony Casillo, Richard Cincotta and Chuck Dilts, and Paul Schweitzer.

Around The Table: Typewriter?

- Olga Gize Carlile, Columnist. May 29, 2004 [The Journal-Standard]
( This article must be purchased from Journal Standard. )
They Never Typed on One — Olga Gize Carlile introduces two of her teenage grandchildren to her old Smith-Conora portable typewriter her parents gave her when she went to college, and describes the encounter and her reflections on the progress.

Typewriter Repairman has Spent Decades...

- R.E. Graswich, Bee Staff Writer. November 10, 2003 [The Sacramento Bee]
( This article must be purchased from The Sacromento Bee. )
...Keeping Things Straight — An abstract from a November 10th Sac Bee article about long time typewriter repairman and collector Ole Kehlet of Sacromento.

No Coming Out of Closet for This Old Pal

- Bob Tompkins, Staff Reporter/Columnist. October 2, 2003 [The Town Talk]
( This article must be purchased from The Town Talk. )
Fond reflections about manual typewriters in this current age after seeing his old portable typewriter in the back of his closet.

The Stenographer as Archetype...

- Kate Bolick. June 22, 2003 [New York Times]
( This article must be purchased from New York Times. )
A commentary on the return of the Sexy Stenographer in the movie "Alex & Emma" and a summary of early Office Girls in movies.