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Blickensderfer 8

Date Introduced 1908
Serial Number 151488
Color Bare Aluminum
Tools None
Printed Material None
Blickensderfer Trade Mark

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Photo of Aluminum Blickensderfer 8 - 151488




No. 432,296 July 15, 1890.

No. 457,298 Aug. 4, 1891.

No. 457,333 Aug. 4, 1891.

No. 459,093 Sept. 9, 1891.

No. 459,094 Sept. 9, 1891.

No. 472,692 Apr. 12, 1892.

No. 472,693 Apr. 12, 1892.

and Other Patents.

Blick 8 with lid on

Blickensderfer Typewriters are not often found with an aluminum frame. It was a special order option, avalible at a higher price for those who wanted a lighter machine.

George C. Blickensderfer

The Stamford Historical Society displays some information on George C. Blickensderfer and his typewriters. They have copies of a promotianal brochure and Blickensderfer's obituary.

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